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Graphtec FC8000-75 Cutting Plotter


Graphtec FC8000-75 Cutting Plotter

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Product Description

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The FC8000 vinyl cutter from Graphtec boasts a fantastic new all-in-one cutter head for supporting additional applications and higher productivity and reliability. The ARMS (Advanced Registration Mark Sensing System) featured in this cutting head simplifies contour cutting of printed data output on a printer and loaded in a Cutting Pro FC8000 series plotter, while significantly improving overall productivity for items such as labels or stickers. With a maximum cutting speed of 1485mm/s the FC8000 is the fastest in it’s class, combine this with the ability to cut 3mm high characters and you have an unbeatable machine. The unsurpasses versatility of the FC8000 series is further augmented withs capability to plot, cut and pounce, without having to alter the plotter’s mechanical configuration. To configure the FC8000 for any job-specific setup among test plotting, cutting or pouncing paper stencil, simply install the specific tool required for the next job and select one of eight user-programmable settings that correspond to the type of tool. A media basket is now included with the FC8000 series to facilitate dust-free cutting/plotting operatins and enhanced media tracking for long, continuous project applications. The collapsible front and rear baskets keep the media off the shop floor to prevent dust and residue from accumulating on the output material. The 4-point axis alignment goes beyond a 3-point system to offer distance adjustment, axis alignment and distortion compensation for both the x & y axis, resulting in superior accuracy for print and cut operations.

Optional Accessories;

Network Capable – With the addition of an Ethernet connection you can now opt to control your plotter from multiple PC’s.

Flange Set – The optional flange offers you extra stability with your media feeding.

Second Pen Holder – with the optional 2nd pen holder, both pen and blade can be mounted at the same time. The cutter will switch automatically per the software, thus improving productivity.


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Additional Information

  • External Dimensions                 – 2120 x 715 x 1210mm
  • Maximum Cut Area                     – 1626mm x 50m
  • Maximum Media Thickness – 1mm
  • Maximum Cutting Spees         – 1485mm/s
  • Cutting Force                                   – 600gf

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